First evidence

I’ve been posting here about vitamin D since the beginning of March this year – since before lockdown!

Now (on the 29th August)  a pilot, randomised, clinical study from Spain has finally presented the first evidence for the use of vitamin D to treat Covid-19.

The results were stunning!

Of the patients who were given the active form of vitamin D upon admission to hospital, only 2% went on to be admitted to intensive care. None of the vitamin D patients died – and all were discharged without complications.

However, of the patients who were NOT given vitamin D, 50% needed to be admitted to intensive care – and two of those patients died!

This study was done with people who were already ill enough to need to be admitted to hospital. The implications for the use of vitamin D for prevention are obvious.

Back in the spring I wrote the following:-“in 1942, in the midst of World War II, Britain’s Ministry of Food announced the Welfare Foods Service. The new program was to provide free or subsidised cod liver oil, fruit juices, and milk to all children under the age of five, as well as to pregnant mothers, regardless of income. These were considered essential to ensure that children were getting vital nutrients.

Cod liver oil would have supplied vitamin D

It is interesting to consider that the UK Government once understood enough about nutrition to provide free supplementation to all children and pregnant women

The current government, however, while having absolutely nothing to offer in terms of a cure – insists that such nutritional supplements are “fake news of the worst kind”. I suggest that the worst kind of fake news, right now, is the government’s disparagement of nutritional wisdom once held dear by the government!”

Why on earth?

In his latest video Dr Campbell asks why on earth the World Health Authority isn’t doing clinical studies on vitamin D  which costs next to nothing to produce. Yet clinical studies are being done on very expensive drugs.

Dr John Campbell – first evidence

Clearly frustrated – he calls for larger studies to be done – and points out that it is now unethical not to do them – when vitamin D could save millions of lives!

How much vitamin D should you take?

Read more on the Spanish study here:-