Antiviral lip and nose balm

I’ve been having fun creating some natural antiviral products such as this lip and nose balm

We hear a lot about hand sanitisers – so why not do the same for the lips and around the nostrils! I’ve been making my own lip-balm for many years – incredibly easy to make – and soooo much more effective than anything you can buy in the shops. 

I’ve always made them from cold-pressed organic castor oil because it’s so healing (it’s not for nothing that zinc and castor oil cream has been used on babies botties for generations)

But castor oil itself is antiviral (as well as antibacterial). So all I’ve done is made my usual lip balm and added eucalyptus oil – which is also antiviral


You will need:

4 tablespoons castor oil (cold-pressed, organic is best)

1 – 2 teaspoons of wax pellets (depending on how solid to want the balm to be)

30 drops of eucalyptus oil (optional)


Put the castor oil and the wax pellets in small  heatproof glass container – then sit in  pan of hot water

Leave on a low light, stirring occasionally, until the pellets have dissolved into the oil

Add the Eucalyptus drops – the pour into your containers – either empty lip balm tubes – or lip balm tins.

A slightly more solid balm suits the tubes – and a slightly less solid balm suits the tins (simply adjust the amount of wax pellets to suit)

Leave to cool

Note: it’s always good to do a skin test the first time you use a new product

You can buy the castor oil here

You can buy the bees wax pellets here

You can buy the eucalyptus oil here

You can buy empty lip balm tubes here

You can buy empty lip balm tins here

You will be able to make many batches from the above ingredients!


  • Never use neat eucalyptus oil directly onto the skin or near the eyes.
  • Never take eucalyptus oil orally
  • Keep the bottle away from small children