If you test positive

Prevention has never been more desperately needed. There are simple natural things that have been overlooked and neglected in the face of big Pharma. Supporting our immune system is absolutely vital – from vitamin C and vitamin D – to zinc – to optimising the gut microbiome.

But what if you or a loved-one tests positive for Covid-19? Is there anything you can do to minimise your chances of the virus causing the severe inflammation that can necessitate hospitalisation and the need for critical care? There is – but now is the best time to prepare – and we can learn a lesson from history.

Twenty years ago, a doctor friend and I did some research on a treatment that was discovered near the end of the 1918-19 global influenza pandemic .

The amazingly successful results of the treatment were reported in the medical journal – The Lancet.


Twenty years ago the only way t0 use that treatment would have been to give it intravenously – as they had done in 1919.

Over the last couple of decades I have come across doctors who used the treatment intravenously for various ailments.


Now, however, the treatment is being used – with amazing results – by some doctors treating critically ill Covid-19 patients. These doctors, however, instead of using intravenous treatment – are using a nebuliser.

In fact anyone with a nebuliser can administer this treatment themselves. If you test positive – instead of waiting until you get ill enough to be admitted to hospital. Here is something you can be doing from the moment you know you have the virus.

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