Before you test positive

A very good friend recently tested positive for Covid-19 – along with her husband. Thank goodness – right at the beginning of this pandemic – she had taken on board all the information about how to support immunity and had been putting it into practice.

She has been taking vitamin D and C, zinc and magnesium – everything that is recommended on this site. She’d even bought a nebuliser and an oximeter  – ready for if they were needed.

Five days after testing

But the positive result came five days after testing – by which time she and her husband we feeling pretty rough – headache, no energy – and a very limited ability to take information on board.

So when she got the Nebuliser out of it’s box and tried to put it together and work out how to use it she struggled.

Then she saw that she needed saline solution – and didn’t realise that it’s really easy to make.

Please let people know” she told me “that it’s far better to figure these things out before you get ill, rather than waiting for a test result.”

Familiarise yourself

Since the beginning of the pandemic I have been reporting on how to optimise your immunity. In the autumn – especially with the appearance of the new, more infectious variant of the virus, I began to report on what you can do if you get a positive test result.

Now I’m urging people to familiarise yourself with the information now. If you don’t have a nebuliser you might like to read about it – and order it. Then, as soon as it arrives unpack it and put it together (There is information and a video on the nebuliser page)

After my friend’s experience, I have now taken my oximeter out of its box and put it all together – even down to the elastic that goes round the head. I’ve put it in a box big enough for the assembled oximeter. It’s in a place where I can get at if easily if I need to.

Really easy to make

You might also like to make up some saline solution – just so you know how to do it. It’s really easy to make

(The recipe is on the Saline Solution  page)

Could be life-saving

If you don’t already have an oximeter – here again you might like to read up on it (it could be life-saving).

All the information is on the Oximeter page)

When infection strikes

And then there’s glutathione. This is a supplement that you don’t need to take preventatively – but it can be extremely effective when infection strikes.

Read all about it on the Glutathione page


You’d be hard-pressed to find another treatment that works within hours.” (Dr David Brownstein )