Probiotics for health

A PILL called MRx-4DP0004  which is made from human gut bacteria is being tested by British scientists as a possible Covid treatment. In a trial launched today, patients will be given the the pill which contains strains of gut bacteria that have been found to reduce damage to lung tissue caused by inflammation.

Patients often become seriously ill when their immune system overreacts to coronavirus. It is hoped that the gut bacteria will stop this without reducing the immune response needed to tackle the virus. If the bacteria works, scientists plan to give it to patients before they develop breathing problems in order to reduce hospital admissions.

Early trials of MRx-4DP0004 produced by Leeds-based 4D Pharma, were promising. Dr Alex Stevenson, chief scientific officer at 4D Pharma, said the pill will ‘potentially reduce the respiratory issues central to Covid-19.

Gut ecosystem

MRx-4DP0004 is a Bifidobacterium, isolated from the microbiome of a healthy human infant. Bifidobacteria are microorganisms which are widely encountered within the gut ecosystem of all mammals, including humans.

Extensive research has attributed health-promoting traits to helpful gut bacteria –  such as vitamin production, amelioration of certain gastrointestinal disorders and inhibition of enteropathogens through production of a range of antimicrobial compounds.

The benefits of  a healthy gut have been known for decades – but Covid-19 is highlighting just how important the human microbiome is right now. Gut dysbiosis (a disordered microbiome) can cause systemic inflammation – even without the additional burden of the virus. In fact – where there is already systemic inflammation – Covid-19 infection is more likely to result in serious inflammation of the lungs.

I have been writing on the health of the gut for decades . Read about he causes of gut dybiosis here  Simply follow the links on that page for a thorough explanation of why Gut dysbiois and systemic inflammation are so widespread.

BioGaia & yoghurt

L. reuteri yoghurt

Along with it’s many, many other health benefits, the probiotic, L. reuteri can also benefit the immune system. For instance, by reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines while promoting regulatory T cell development and function.

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Kefir is a simple to make food that contains many strains of helpful gut bacteria – a valuable aid in the restoring of the gut microbiome and in enhancing immunity.

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