L. Reuteri yoghurt – what you need

L. Reuteri yoghurt

You can make this recipe without a yoghurt-maker. However, the temperature is critical so as not to destroy the L-Reuteri bacteria. So the right yoghurt-maker makes the whole process a lot simpler. The following instructions are for making the yoghurt in a yoghurt maker.

The Luvele yoghurt maker is particularly recommended. It has the correct temperature controls.

There are two models:-Luvele Pure

The Luvele Pure

The Luvele Pure – is very limited. I have friends who have regretted buying it once they get a bit more adventurous with their yoghurt making (see below). Or the rest of the family have loved it and want to eat it every day.

It may be enough for one person who isn’t going to eat very much yoghurt – but unless you can be absolutely sure you won’t want to make more (for family or friends to try) – it’s safer to by the Luvele Pure Plus.

Luvele_Pure_Plus_YogurtThe Luvele Pure Plus

I chose the Luvele Pure Plus and –  a few weeks on and I’m so glad I went for that model. I make the yoghurt in the jug:-

Luvele jug with yoghurt

When it’s finished I stir the yoghurt very well – then take out enough for a starter for my next batch. Next I add some gelatin – stir it again – then pour it into individual jars and put it in the fridge to set. It looks so much more professional:- 


Plain set L. Reuteri yoghurt



L-Reuteri tablets

Note:- You will need to make a starter culture for the first batch of yoghurt. After that you can use some of the previous batch to make each fresh batch of yoghurt. I recommend making a new starter culture aproximately every month.



BioGaia are the ONLY  L-Reuteri tablets that contain the two specific strains of L-reuteri – ATCC PTA 6475 and DSM 17938

You can use the tablets as a supplement – but the yogurt will provide MASSIVELY more of the L-Reuteri bacteria – which is needed to really trigger the health benefits.

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Inulin is a prebiotic (a food for friendly bacteria). Added to the L-Reuteri yogurt it massively boosts the numbers of L-reuteri during the fermentation process.

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It’s best to choose unhomogenised, organic milk, that is free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, fertilisers and GMOs. For thickest results choose full cream milk. Do not use skim or low-fat milk varieties.

Goat and sheep milk may also be used with thinner results



Organic whole milk powder

You can buy it here


Organic double cream


organic creamOrganic double cream


You don’t have to use gelatin to set your yoghurt – but the consistency is so much better when you do. In addition really good gelatin from pasture raised cattle is incredibly good for healing the gut, for your joints, and for skin, hair and nails. You can use it to make healthy desserts too.

Ossa gelatin

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I originally used the recipe recommended by Luvelle. That recipe uses a traditional method of heating the milk  – then holding it at 195 ºF / 90 ºC for ten minutes to denature the proteins in the milk.

The idea of this is to prevent the milk from separating and forming clusters as it is fermenting. This method made very nice yoghurt – but to be honest – it was a faff to do!!!!!

Recently I read Dr Davis’ brilliant book:-


His recipe for his own L. Reuteri yoghurt doesn’t involve heating and holding the milk! Wow! What a game-changer that would be, I thought. I set about experimenting with his recipe! Result – absolutely delicious yoghurt – no separation – prepared in five minutes!!!


Click on the link below to download a printable PDF of the no heat and hold recipe I am now using:- 


L-Reuteri yoghurt recipe


Note: I cannot recommend the book ‘Super Gut‘ enough!

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