L. reuteri yoghurt

Making a yoghurt with L. reuteri is a means of amplifying the counts of the bacteria. To maximise bacterial counts, the recipe includes a prebiotic fibre (that feeds the L. reuteri during the prolonged fermentation (24 to 36 hrs) This is very different from conventional yogurt.

Two strains

Dr Davis (see video below) began experimenting with fermenting yogurt with two specific strains of L-Reuteri. He stresses however, that it’s not about eating yogurt! None of the specified benefits come from consuming conventional yogurt – or the yogurt of other homemade yogurt recipes.

Davis’s formula is specifically about increasing the counts of ATCC PTA 6475 and DSM 17938 strains of L. reuteri bacteria. Homemade yogurt is simply the vehicle he uses to accomplish this.

Unlike conventional yogurt making methods, his approach maximises bacterial counts by adding prebiotic fibre to the yogurt mixture before fermentation to provide ‘food for the microorganisms’.

How is 24-hour yoghurt different?

24 hour yoghurt, otherwise know as ‘Specific Carbohydrate Diet’ (SCD) yoghurt is a cornerstone for many people on gut healing protocols such as the SCD diet and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol.

Yogurt fermentation time and temperature impact the bacterial quality of homemade yogurt. At the right temperature, milk turns to yogurt in 6 – 8 hours. But yogurt is not a food to rush along or be impatient with.

Yogurt is a living food, full of active, beneficial bacteria that have a vital job to do. GAPS and ‘specific carbohydrate diet’ yogurt recommend yogurt with a long fermentation.

Within milk there is a type of sugar called lactose. Sugar is not permitted on GAPS and SCD. The bacteria that make up a yogurt starter culture consume and thrive on the lactose in milk. The longer the fermentation the more the bacteria have time to eat – the more they eat, the less lactose there is!

The important thing to get is, even after a standard 8 hour fermentation, the milk still has plenty of lactose.  24-hours is an ideal fermentation time which produces a yogurt with minimal sugar. 

Homemade ‘specific carbohydrate diet’ yogurt may be fermented even for up to 36 hours.

Why is lactose-free yoghurt so important?

The key differences between homemade 24-hour yoghurt and regular yoghurt (store-bought or homemade for a short fermentation) is the resulting lactose content and the diversity of good bacteria available.

Just as good bacteria (in the starter culture) consume the sugar in milk, bad bacteria (living inside our digestive system) also like to consume sugar. Inside the gut, lactose is a source of food for these harmful bacteria. THEY LOVE IT!

So a yogurt that has been left to ferment for 24 hours is not only wildly abundant with healthy bacteria, it starves the bad bacteria of their favourite food source. Being almost lactose free, means, it’s almost sugar free!

This is the basis of the SCD diet; to remove all sugars and heal the gut by depriving bad bacteria of the food they love. That’s why SCD yogurt should be your first, go to healing food.

*This decrease in lactose means that the yoghurt can often be tolerated by lactose-intolerant individuals

24-hour yoghurt and healing the gut

Why do this? Well, if you are new to this conversation, you will be excited to know that the yogurt is really not about yogurt, as conventional yogurts achieve none of these effects. This yogurt, fermented with two specific strains of Lactobacillus reuteri,  achieve effects that include:

  • Smoothing of skin wrinkles due to an explosion of dermal collagen
  • Accelerated healing, cutting healing time in almost half
  • Reduced appetite, the so-called “anorexigenic” effect—food still tastes good, but you are almost completely indifferent to temptation
  • Increased testosterone in men
  • Increased libido
  • Preservation of bone density obtaining L. reuteri is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent osteoporosis
  • Deeper sleep
  • Increased empathy and desire for connectedness with other people
  • Probiotic effects that may include prevention of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO


The majority of benefits are a result of L. reuteri‘s ability to provoke hypothalamic release of oxytocin, a hormone that is proving to be the key to substantial health effects.

Studies that experimented with L. reuteri yogurt consumption in animals and humans suggested dramatic health benefits for both. These include the ability to:

  • Assist with weight loss and shut-down appetite
  • Improve skin youthfulness, increases collagen & reduces wrinkles
  • Accelerate skin healing
  • Promote thick and shiny hair
  • Increase testosterone levels in men
  • Increase the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin
  • Lower stress
  • Reduce acid reflux and infantile colic
  • Suppress H.pylori & C.difficile and protects against intestinal infections
  • Lower pain perception
  • Increase vitamin D3 levels by up to 25%
  • Decrease incidences of diarrhoea but also increase bowel frequency
  • Fight candida
  • Prevent and treat small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Promote thyroid health and oral health
  • Protect against certain infections
  • Reduce insulin resistance
  • Increase muscle mass and bone density

Dr Davis says; “Put all these effects together – caloric reduction, increased skin health, increased bone density, fat loss, muscle gain, reduced insulin resistance, etc. – and you have one of the most powerful anti-aging, youth-preserving strategies I have ever come across.”