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Hello – I am Eileen Fletcher and I am 75 years old. I haven’t needed antibiotics (or any other medication) for 45 years! I simply don’t get ill. There will be times when I feel a bit ‘washed out’ and suspect I’ve picked up a ‘bug’ – but it will be gone in 24 hours or so.

But it wasn’t always like that!

Made my life miserable

As a child I picked up every infection that was doing the rounds. From I was 18 till I was 28 I would get a very nasty bout of bronchitis twice a year and I would be in bed for a fortnight each time. Constant ulcerated throats also made my life miserable. My mother was a chronic bronchitic – as was my grandmother – and I wasn’t looking forward to getting old!

One day, three days into my usual pre-Christmas bout of bronchitis, I dragged myself out of bed and took myself off to a local town where, I popped into a herbalist shop (no health shops back in those days). I asked the old lady who owned the shop if there was anything she could recommend for my bronchitis. “Yes,” she replied, “Garlic.”

I wasn’t too impressed – but I thought I’d give it a go and bought some garlic tablets. Instead of being in bed for a fortnight I was out of bed three days later. And that was 45 years ago. I’ve never had bronchitis since! Modern research has now demonstrated that garlic is both antiviral and antibacterial. Read more about garlic here

Disordered microbiome

During the years, from 18 to 28, I was prescribed 6 or 8 courses of antibiotics annually for the constant, varied, infections I kept on getting. It wasn’t understood, back then that, by killing off the helpful bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria, antibiotics disorder the microbiome of the body and impair the immune system. Like winning the battle, only to lose the war! Garlic, on the other hand, kills off only pathogens.

It’s worth noting that the people who are most at risk from the new coronavirus – the elderly and those with underlying health conditions – are the very ones who are most likely to have been prescribed repeated courses of antibiotics.

Every aspect

I turned around my own decade-long health problems – and the results of changing my diet were so astounding to me that it triggered decades of research. For the past 45 years I have given talks upon, written about and put into practice in my own and my family’s lives – every aspect of nutrition, health and immunity.

Back in the pre-internet days I would produce free information leaflets. Then I was asked to write a book The Optimum Health Guide, the profits of which funded the voluntary organisation I had set up – Food For Thought.

published in 1993

With the advent of the internet, Food For Thought the organisation became Food For Thought the web site – the perfect way to disseminate free information.

Wisdom in nature

The more I researched and put nutrition into practice, the more I saw the wisdom of God in the natural foods that he provided in Creation – and the lack of wisdom in much of today’s medicine.

But why do I see Creation as a wise and caring provision for us from God? Why not just evolution?

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Eileen Fletcher