What’s gone wrong?

Click on the following links to learn about how the work and warnings of the early nutritionists explain the roots of our modern health problems:-

Intercepted heredity

From Alaska to the islands of the Pacific, Peru to Africa, Australia to New Zealand, Dr Weston Price sought out races of people, some of whom had remained in isolation while others had gained access to modern foods. He noted that those  races who continued to eat their native foods retained their robust health and excellent physiques. Once native diets were abandoned, however, in favour of refined foods  people’s health declined rapidly and resistance to infection was soon lost. Price noted, too,  that degenerative diseases became progressively more marked with each succeeding generation. He called it ‘intercepted heredity’.

Disease came earlier

Nowadays the study of epigenetics is hot news in scientific circles. Epigenetics is “the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself”. Weston Price called it “intercepted heredity” Here we look at the work of Dr Pottenger who demonstrated, in his famous cat study, that disease developed earlier and earlier with each succeeding generation of the cats fed processed foods. Dr Pottenger warned that  the similarity is so obvious in the extent of human diseases we are seeing today, most tragically in children and young people.

Mental degeneration

 Sir Robert McCarrison was fascinated by the emotional health of the Hunza people. Never before had he encountered such cheerful, contented souls. Never had he seen such willingness to help, such motivation to work, or such satisfaction in their labours. McCarrison resolved to prove his then controversial theory that the nutritional quality of the diet was a vital factor in mental/emotional as well as  physical health.







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